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California Jackknife Accident Attorney

A jackknife most commonly occurs when the trucker brakes suddenly and the back end of the trailer begins to swing to the side and skids forward toward the tractor. When a trailer begins to jackknife the situation can quickly go completely out of control unless the driver keeps a cool head. A jackknifing truck can collide with or sideswipe other vehicles and even cause deadly underride accidents. If you have been injured in a jackknife accident you will need an experienced California truck accident attorney to evaluate your case.

High speed jackknife accidents can happen so quickly that the driver has almost no time to react. A long trailer turned sideways while skidding down the road pushing the tractor along can "take out" a number of other vehicles before it comes to a stop.

While a jackknife is usually the result of driver error in stepping on the brakes too hard, it may also be caused by a faulty brake system or a defectively designed brake system. The task confronting your jackknife accident attorney will be to determine which the actual cause of the accident, by conducting a thorough truck accident investigation. In order to file a claim for compensation the liable party must be identified.

Were the brakes faulty because of no or poor maintenance? Was the driver speeding, distracted, or tired and negligent in applying the brakes? Or is the truck manufacturer responsible for a defective braking system?

Our legal team at the Law Office of Matiasic & Johnson LLP is highly experienced in the science of accident investigation and determining liable parties. We have been involved in good forensic work for twenty-five years. If there is overlapping liability, you may be able to claim damages from more than one party such as the trucking company and the truck manufacturer.

Call for a consultation with a truck accident lawyer at the Law Office of Matiasic & Johnson LLP for more information.

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