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There are countless circumstances that can lead to a bus accident and when they do, a San Francisco personal injury attorney from our firm, Matiasic & Johnson LLP, will be there to help in the aftermath. Bus accidents are not uncommon and in fact many individuals have been left injured or even killed when involved in an accident with a bus. During the past few years we have been able to secure settlements and verdicts amounting to over $12,000,000 for those we represent. An attorney from our firm was included in Madison's Who's Who Among American Lawyers and was listed in Super Lawyers magazine as a Rising Star.

Causes of a Bus Accident

The roads are used as a source of transportation for many that are seeking to get around whether it is to a job, home or event. The high number of individuals on the road only increases the risk that is involved when getting behind the wheel. Cars, trucks, SUVs and others all drive in the same area, meaning there is always the potential danger for an accident to occur. Buses are one form of transportation that is used by many. Buses allow for longer travel, more carrying space and are able to hold more passengers. Because of these reasons and the general convenience offered by them, many turn to buses to get them where they need to be.

They can be used for public transportation, school buses, tour buses, interstate travel and more. While there are numerous benefits that they offer, there is always the danger of an accident occurring. A driver may be negligent and fail to obey traffic regulations as well as they should. They may become distracted and fail to notice those around them. The large size of a bus means there are many blind spots for the driver and it is not that difficult for them to overlook a nearby car. Sometimes the accident occurs because a driver was texting. When their attention is off of the road even for a few second, it can be easy to begin to drift or not have time to come to a complete stop.

An accident may also be the result of hazardous road conditions. While local government always looks to keep roads in pristine condition, there is still a high occurrence of problems that can happen on the streets that may be a result of poor upkeep or a recent disaster that caused damage. Hazards such as a large pothole can throw off a vehicle and may be the factor to blame in an accident. Maintenance issues and defective parts can also be to blame for an unfortunate incident involving a bus.

You or a loved one may have suffered a traumatic brain injury, paralysis, broken bones, spinal cord injury, burns, soft tissue injuries, lacerations, puncture wounds or many other types of injuries. We represent individuals no matter the type of injury or what actions need to be taken to secure fair compensation.

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Result of a Bus Accident

Medical costs are incredibly high and it is near impossible for many to pay for prescriptions, hospital bills and any additional care that is needed. The catastrophic damage that can be caused by a bus accident can also leave many unable to work. Without the steady source of income there is no way to pay for daily expenses let alone healthcare costs.

You should not be left to deal with the financial ramifications of an accident that you did not cause. An attorney from our firm will fight to gain you compensation to cover the cost of pain and suffering that a bus accident can lead to. A wrongful death may also be caused by an accident, leaving loved ones left to suffer the unimaginable effects. If your loved one has been killed in an accident, you may be able to hold the liable parties responsible and we will seek to help you accomplish this.

It can be the passenger of a bus or another driver that is struck by a bus that is left harmed. When they are, the damages can be catastrophic. Those that are riding on the bus will often times not have the option of a seat belt available and in the event of an accident there is nothing to restrain them from flying forward and injuring themselves. A driver that is struck by a bus can have monumental damage incurred to their vehicle. The large mas of a bus will typically leave the car crushed and those inside severely impaired.

These accidents can occur on the freeway, residential streets, and a bus stop and anywhere else a bus may be traveling. Buses are common in highly populated areas and they provide a means of transportation when a car is either expensive to own, or the urban area is too difficult to drive in. Many also may not find the need for a car in these areas since most things are close enough to walk or hop on a bus to get to.

These metro buses can also be involved in an accident and when they are you should not wait to speak to a lawyer at our office about the ways that we can help. Others may be left in a hit and run accident; either those that are on the bus or the vehicle that has been hit by the bus. They may be left injured, without someone to help them. There are other uses for buses that can end in an accident as well, such as those involving private buses, military buses or Greyhound buses.

Contact a San Francisco Personal Injury Lawyer

If you are injured in an accident you should talk to a member from our firm as soon as possible so we can start reviewing all aspects of your claim to determine if you have a personal injury case. If you do, we can start developing a plan aimed at gaining you compensation to cover your cost of injuries or any additional costs that have resulted. Team is highly skilled in the area of personal injury law and has an in depth knowledge of the issues at hand.

We are a compassionate team that will constantly pursue gaining you a favorable outcome in your claim. We are all too aware of how necessary it is for many to be compensated if they are hoping to get the high level of care they need and deserve. We also know that while some may be able to afford the cost of their accident, when the fault is another's, they shouldn't have to pay. Call today to for personal, reliable representation in your personal injury case.

Contact a California injury attorney from the firm for dependable representation if you or your loved one has been injured in a bus accident.

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