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Truck Accident Investigations

Preparing Your Claim

A trucking accident involves a number of people, rescue workers, emergency medical personnel, police officers, insurance company investigators and the victim's truck accident lawyer. Usually the truck operator is unscathed or has minor injuries. The occupants of the smaller vehicle typically suffer serious injuries. Those who survive the crash may face long hospital stays and a long period of convalescence. If you have been injured in a collision with a truck, you need a knowledgeable California truck accident lawyer to investigate the accident for you and to protect your interests.

The Importance of Investigating

Fast action is crucial in an accident investigation. Accident scenes change quickly. Vital evidence can disappear. Witness accounts are best obtained right away before the details of the accident begin to fade. Trucking accidents cannot be treated the same as a fender-bender with a neighbor. The truck insurance company investigators aggressively look for any witness testimony or evidence which absolves the truck driver and truck company of any liability. Police officers can interview witnesses, take photos and test the drivers for drug or alcohol use but may not be trained investigators.

Your truck accident investigation lawyer at our firm can:

  • Interview witnesses - law enforcement officers, the truck driver and any eyewitnesses.
  • Preserve driver's logs and trucking company records - Trucking companies are not required to keep some information longer than six months.
  • Preserve the truck from being repaired or driven so it can be thoroughly inspected by mechanical and accident experts for mechanical defects such as a faulty brake system.
  • Preserve electronic on-board recorder data which may be crucial to supporting your claim for damages
  • Obtain the truck driver's driving history
  • Obtain records of truck maintenance and inspections
  • Examine the scene of the accident for more information

California Truck Accident Lawyer

As the number of large trucks on our roads increase so does the frequency of trucking accidents involving other motorists. While these collisions may have different causes, tragically the end result is often very similar. The occupants of the smaller lighter passenger vehicles suffer serious to fatal injuries. Driver fatigue is a growing cause of these accidents.

Many truck drivers work for large trucking companies ensured by insurance companies with ranks of accident investigators and attorneys prepared defend their driver. For this reason it is crucial that a truck accident victim is represented by an experienced California truck accident attorney.

Truck Accident Attorney in California: Using an EOBR in Your Case

Starting in the early 1990's U.S. truck manufacturers began installing an ECM (electronic control module) which is an electronic on-board recorder in trucks. This device captures information about the operation of the truck. It can record driving speed, time in operation, and other data about truck performance. The more advanced models are GPS equipped and can provide data concerning the truck's location.

Prior to the addition of this black box, personal injury and wrongful death claims filed against a trucker for damages depended upon the driver's log book to find out if the driver was too exhausted to drive safely. Your truck accident attorney at our firm will take immediate steps to ensure the black box data is preserved and properly downloaded for use in your case as part of the truck accident investigation. It can be crucial in proving speeding or aggressive driving.

Because the memory space of the ECM, particularly in the older models, is limited it is important to bring a qualified truck accident lawyer into your case as soon as possible. Call Matiasic & Johnson LLP as soon as possible to ensure valuable information concerning your accident is preserved.

Matiasic & Johnson LLP has been advocating injured victim's rights for twenty-five years. We have a long record of success. Our legal team understands how vital a thorough investigation is in preparing a comprehensive claim for damages. A truck accident lawyer at our firm has the skill and experience to help you succeed in your claim for compensation.

Could the data in an electronic on-board recorder help you in your claim for compensation? Contact a California truck accident lawyer to find out more.

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