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Truck Accidents: Unsafe Lane Changes

Any accident where injuries are sustained can be painful and life altering. When one of the vehicles in the accident is a commercial truck, the injuries can be heightened and in many cases include fatalities. With the size, weight and power of a commercial truck as a factor, the driver has a serious responsibility to take extra caution to operate the vehicle in a safe manner.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a trucking accident due to the driver making unsafe lane changes, you should obtain the services of a knowledgeable California truck accident lawyer from our firm to assist you.

Examples of Changing a Lane Unsafely

Speeding, carelessness and distraction on the part of the truck driver can lead to unsafe lane changes such as:

  • Failure to signal before beginning a lane change
  • Failure to check traffic before beginning a lane change
  • Frequent lane changes
  • Cutting off other motorists during a lane change
  • Straddling two lanes

Even if you have exercised caution when driving near a large commercial truck, it may not be enough to protect you if the driver of the truck is reckless or careless when changing lanes. Having the skilled and experienced legal professionals at our firm to represent you can make a substantial difference in the ultimate outcome of your case.

The caring and proven attorneys at Matiasic & Johnson LLP have been successfully representing clients for 25 years in all area of trucking accident injury law. Recognized as a "Rising Star" in Super Lawyers® magazine and listed in Madison's Who's Who Among American Lawyers are just two of the qualifications that we bring to your aid. In recent years we have recovered over $12,000,000 for our deserving clients.

Our firm is committed to taking your case as far as necessary to secure a recovery of damages that you deserve. Contact us today!

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