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Summer Camp Abuse

San Francisco Child Sexual Abuse Attorney

Many day camps, summer camps, and overnight camps have been affiliated with reported incidents of sexual abuse. Unfortunately, many cases of sexual assault at summer camps go unreported. Even when children step forward, many camp administrators are unwilling to accept responsibility or try to identify the guilty parties, and some even try to place blame where it should not be placed, including on the innocent child.

As a result, many children suffer emotional and psychological trauma that can be irreversible. It is not uncommon for children to somehow feel responsible or feel as though they were deserving of the abuse. At Matiasic & Johnson LLP, we believe that this act of social injustice is immoral and criminal. Our San Francisco child sexual abuse lawyers stop at nothing to make certain that the liable parties are identified and held criminally and financially responsible for your child's damages.

Dedicated to Seeking Justice for Your Child

Summer is characterized by freedom, happiness, and carefree activities. In fact, many children throughout the Northern California region look forward to summer camp for months at a time. Summer camp is a place to be with old friends and meet new ones, play until the sun goes down, and enjoy the freedom of being away from chores and other adolescent responsibilities. Unfortunately, tragedies can happen at any time, and children can be susceptible to predatory attacks anywhere.

We have successfully represented victims in several cases and have held several types of summer camps responsible for damages done to innocent children, including the following:

  • The YMCA
  • The Boy Scouts
  • The Girl Scouts
  • Charitable organizations
  • Local church camps
  • School summer camps

Take a Stand Against Negligent Summer Camp Management

Summer camp management personnel are responsible for children who attend their camps. Individuals who have been placed in roles of authority at a summer camp will be legally responsible for supervising all employees or volunteers at a summer camp. Failing to uphold a safe environment by supervising the campers and employees could make camp management accountable for any abuse that occurs. We can take legal action that can allow victims and family members to pursue the compensation and justice that they deserve.

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