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Greyhound Bus Accidents Are Not Uncommon We Provide Reliable Representation For Your Injuries

Greyhound Bus Accident Attorney

About Greyhound Bus Accidents in California

If you were involved in a bus accident while using a Greyhound bus service, the attorneys at Matiasic Roth & Johnson LLC strongly advise that you talk to an experienced California bus accident lawyer from our firm before giving any statements or agreeing to a settlement.

Over the past several years alone, we have recovered more than $12,000,000 for our clients. With 25 years of successfully helping individuals with their personal injury matters, our firm knows what to expect when coming face to face with large bus companies. Our experience clearly shows that it is only through our aggressive actions that we are able to win on our client's behalf.

The largest bus company in North America is Greyhound. Their drivers and buses have been involved in a large amount of accidents, many of which have ended in various types of injury. Having had to defend themselves in lawsuits down through the years, they know how to protect their best interests and attempt to deny you fair compensation. When you are going up against Greyhound, you need a firm that prides itself on tackling the hard cases and bringing them to a successful conclusion.

Settlements in Greyhound Cases

Commonly, Greyhound will have asked you to fill out a "C-4" card if you were in an accident on one of their buses. The card is intended to get information on injuries to passengers, why the crash happened and other information. If this data is later useful by Greyhound in legal actions, they will take advantage of it. When the information would be harmful to their cause, their attorneys may attempt to prevent it from being used.

If you were injured, you will likely be asked by insurance adjustors for Greyhound to make a recorded statement. Without an attorney present, you may say things that will harm your chances for compensation. For many reasons, our firm advises you not to provide a statement to the insurance company until we have thoroughly reviewed your case. It is also common for Greyhound to approach you to offer a "settlement."

The money can be inviting but is frequently much less than you are owed. Many times, the settlement amount will not fully cover your medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering and other items that you should be compensated for.

If another's negligence caused you injury, you deserve compensation. When you are going up against highly trained professionals, you need representation from a firm that is more than equal to taking them on.

If your injury occurred using a Greyhound bus service, it is vital to contact a California Greyhound bus accident attorney to protect your rights to compensation.

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