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Bus Accidents vs. Traffic Accidents

California Bus Accident Attorney

A car or truck accident is very different than a bus accident with regard to achieving success in a claim for compensation. All buses are regulated by the federal Department of Transportation, under the agency Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). The goal of this agency is to reduce the number of collisions and fatal accidents. There are regulations involving the training of all bus drivers that carry passengers, and they are required to have a commercial driver's license that includes a "passenger" endorsement.

They must carry a valid medical certificate that indicates that they are healthy enough to operate a vehicle that carries passengers, and they must have an ongoing drug and alcohol testing program to ensure that none of their drivers are under the influence. If a bus company has failed to adhere to these regulations and innocent people were injured, a legal action must be filed against them on behalf of the injured, or for the family if they have lost a loved one in a tragic fatal bus accident.

There are also many state and federal regulations involving the maintenance of the vehicle, inspections, and other matters that could come into play in filing a claim for compensation after an accident. These cases can quickly become very complex, as one company may be using equipment that is leased from another and there may have been subcontractors that maintained the vehicle.

These issues can make the problem of filing a claim particularly complex. Determining which party was negligent, if it involved multiple parties, and supporting that claim with evidence is a critical aspect of any injury claim. A California bus accident lawyer from Matiasic & Johnson LLP has the experience and knowledge you need to move forward with legal action in one of these complex injury cases.

If you or your loved one was injured in a bus accident, this is not the time to engage the services of any law firm that is not experienced in complex litigation in personal injury claims. Our legal team has achieved one of the largest personal injury/wrongful death verdicts in the history of Madera County, and we have the skills, the determination and the commitment to each individual case you want fighting for you.

Contact a California bus accident lawyer from our firm for the experience and track record of success in court in difficult cases you need on your side.

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